Dead Cowboys

One of the wonders of the K-TEL years was that I heard about two lines from every song ever made, the entirety of which would be delivered to me in 2, 3, or 4 record collection filled with other songs I also knew two lines of (from the same commercial), sung by musical groups I often hadn’t heard of.

One of those albums was a Statler Bros. collection, and they were singing about the movies and how neurotic and sexualized they had become. Not knowing anything else, it seemed sort of quaint a notion. Heck, I used to walk or drive by a porn theater daily as a youngster–itself a quaint notion these days.

Anyway, someone put that song “Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott?” along with a Sons of the Pioneers (?) song “Cool Water” to a bunch of photos of dead actor-cowboys. (At this point, long dead, many before I was born.)

Maybe some of y’all will enjoy that.