Merry Christmas!

This year has been a little crazy for the Andersons
You may recall we had some trouble last year
The robot council had us banished to an asteroid
That hasn’t undermined our holiday cheer!

And we know it’s almost Christmas
By the marks we make on the wall
That’s our favorite time of year!

Merry Christmas
From Chiron Beta Prime
Where we’re working in a mine
For our robot overlords

Did I say overlords?
I meant protectors!
Merry Christmas
From Chiron Beta Prime

–Jonathan Coulton

Comic Tragedy…or is it Tragic Comedy?

This New Yorker cover, if you haven’t seen it, has caused some controversy. It is, of course, a ham-handed swipe at right-wingers, though I guess not so ham-handed that some righties didn’t go, “Yep, that’s ‘bout right.”

In any event, the wrong people got upset about it. Instead of conservatives saying “Hey, we have problems with Obama and this sweeps them all under the rug!” we got lefties getting all huffy with “O noes! The rubes will misunderstand this!!!”

Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom came up with a very good explanation as to why.

Victoria at Sundries ran with this and came up with her own angle.

The delightful Ruth Anne saw a “right-wing” response at The Anchoress.

I rather like the ebb and flow of internet memes more than the story itself. Though I wonder about the “right wing” response being on The New Republic. Shouldn’t it be on, I dunno, American Spectator?

Quote of the Weekend

By Trooper York:

You know what I was thinking about today. What if the white part of Barack Obama was scared of the black part. And when he was walking down the street, would the white part keep turning around to see what if the black part was sneaking up on him. Then he would just keep turning around in a circle. He would never get anywhere and would just get very dizzy.

Hillary Makes A Joke

Hillary Clinton challenged Barack Obama to a bowling match after his disastrous (but it was only eight frames!) 37-point game.

I thought it was sort of amusing, if you set aside the fact that I’d have my lab-mutt lead the country rather than any of the three candidates currently in the public eye.

But strategically, I think it was a mistake, especially with offering a two frame handicap to the 46-year old man. I’m guessing HRC hasn’t been hitting lanes much–ever, most likely. It’s going to be much easier for him to boost his game into the 100+ score than it will be for her look not uncomfortable on the lanes. We won’t even go into the dangers to her hips.

Just sayin’.