All Weed Weed Up!

Via Instapundit and Boing Boing, the L.A. Times posted an article showing all the quasi-legal marijuana joints in L.A. with a handy interactive map.

I first noticed one of these a month or two ago. I was driving and talking on a cell phone (it’s L.A., it’s the law) and I said, “Hey! I think that’s a medical marijuana shop!” I drove through the lot and saw the store was closed and looked abandoned. I thought maybe these places were supposed to look like dives.

But the map reveals this was a place that had its license denied or revoked. Looking at the map, the highest concentration of stores seems to coincide with the poorest areas with the highest crime.

I guess crime and poverty lead to glaucoma.

I am, of course, opposed to drug use, whether recreational, phoney-baloney medical—and in most cases, legitimate medical uses. (Drugs should be used short-term to keep someone alive; corrective measures should be applied as soon as possible to obviate the need for long-term drug use.)

But the sheer insanity of the current situation is almost comical. We have hundreds of legal stores—but some guy got arrested by the Feds because he grew it in his backyard?

It is funny, although in a blackly-comic sort of way: We “fight” drugs, which drives up the prices and makes criminals out of users, fills the prisons, creates powerful gangs and international drug cartels that contribute to the deterioration of our neighboring countries—all without affecting the actual amount of drug use.

Meanwhile, doctors prescribe psychotropic drugs of dubious value like candy, and people drink like fish while scarfing stimulants to get through their days.

Somehow that doesn’t add up to me.

Drug Tests Are Bad, mm-kay?

One of those “things that make you go ‘hmm’” from Perri Nelson’s dad here.

In all my years, the only time I was asked to take a drug test was when I worked at Beckman Labs. I was consulting there, and it was a short job so I put it off until the job was over.

’cause, you know, I’ve got so many horse tranquilizers in my blood, it’s amazing I don’t whinny.

No, seriously, I’m offended by drug tests. Why? Because I’ve never taken drugs; I’m offended at the insinuation. Why should I have to pee into a cup because everyone else “experimented” in their youth and some of them continue conducting advanced studies?

Childish, I know. But I’m anti-drug. (Even stupidly so, arguably.) I’ve had some novocaine–though for a long time I had a dentist who would fill cavities without it, if she thought it could be done quickly. I’ve taken ibuprofen twice, in order to fulfill a parental obligation.

I do get some caffeine because I drink soda. But it doesn’t take much to turn me jumpy and paranoid. Er, it doesn’t take much caffeine. A “large” soda will do it, so I’ve cut down on those.

Anyway, a requirement like this–visited upon the working every day–would never, ever be visited upon the non-working. Interesting, no?