by Alan Dean Foster

When I realized I wouldn’t be able to read my “E-is-for-Eco” book before bedtime (because I’m trying to avoid looking at screens at night), I figured I would head on to “F” for nighttime reading and this was by Alan Dean Foster, who is I think a competent writer.

But there’s not a lot here. Movie novelizations are tricky at best. Make a movie based on a book, and you can pretty much do whatever. Make a book based on a movie, and you’d probably best not deviate much. At the same time, I think Foster ghost-wrote the novelization of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” (Roddenberry took credit) and I seem to recall that had a little more depth than the movie. But this was literally decades ago and also the only other time I read a novelization of a movie.

So, yeah, this is the story of Alien, which is a decent one. It lacks the movie’s style, acting, and shock value, which is about all that movie is. But I didn’t have to look anything up, which is all I was asking for in a book.

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