Conversations From The Living Room, Part 35: These Aren’t The Applicants You’re Looking For

“How does that not-the-droid-you’re-looking-for┬áthing work? Some kinda Jedi/Force thing?”
“Yeah. But it only works on the weak-minded. Er, originally.”
“So, Darth Vader’s incompetent at hiring people?”
“I don’t think he’s actually down in HR screening the applicants.”
“Don’t think about it. Down that road lies nerd-dom.”

Conversations From The Living Room, Part 34: Beating a dead War Horse

“OK, so here’s another problem with War Horse.”
“I’m pretending to be interested.”
“The main character?”
“It’s a horse!”
“Well, in a dramatic narrative, you want the main character to go through changes. To be different in the end than in the beginning.”
“And maybe Joey did┬áchange from the beginning of the story to the end. But, you know, he’s a horse. It’s not like he can tell us.”
“And, maybe what he decided was that the Germans had the right idea. He went into the war being pro-English but came out primed to support The Fourth Reich.”
“I mean, Germans saved him a couple of times! The English sent him to charge against machine guns! We could be viewing this movie all wrong: It might be a demonstration of how Nazi horses are made! Wait, where are you going? You can’t rule out this exegesis just because it makes you uncomfortable!”
“Stupid Nazi horses.”