I Like The Cut Of This Buckley’s Jib.

I’ve not really been up on William F. Buckley (referred to as Mr. Fbuckley on “Laugh In”, if tales my parents have told me are true…) but I came across this at The Other McCain:

They are men and women who tend to believe that the human being is perfectible and social progress predictable, and that the instrument for effecting the two is reason; that truths are transitory and empirically determined; that equality is desirable and attainable through the action of state power; that social and individual differences, if they are not rational, are objectionable, and should be scientifically eliminated; that all peoples and societies should strive to organize themselves upon a rationalist and scientific paradigm.

I think this is exactly right, if better thought out than “liberals” actually do any more. Except for being based on a mountain of fallacies, it even sounds reasonable.

I wonder if there’s a mirror-image on the left, where “liberals” describes “conservatives” as accurately? Oh, wait, that’s right there is!


Touché, statists.

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