Bit Maelstrom: The “Spring Is Sprung” All Sex Issue

Over at Trooper York’s House of Ill Repute, he often posts pictures of saucy wenches in various stages of partial dress and posed provocatively, which in one particular instance prompted this from Freeman Hunt:

All the crawling or arching around in these “aren’t I sexy?” poses, knowing that the pictures are being taken for the explicit purpose of allowing strangers to better have mental fantasies about them…well, like I said, it cracks me up.

Well, yeah. Let’s be honest: Sex is a pretty absurd thing. Around this mechanical, repetitive act which lasts (according to some) 3-5 minutes on average, we build a huge mythology, several industries, and ruin our lives for!

Pogo commented

I have never seen a woman do that pose anywhere in my whole life. Just photos and music videos. Where does it come from?

And I was reminded of a bit Dennis Miller did about sex with his wife, where she (at least in her act) licks her own breast–and then gave him a look that said if you ever tell anyone…so, of course he puts it in his act.

But sex is sort of like dancing, in that you can’t be too worried about how you might appear to others. Your concern is your partner (or partners, if that’s the way you swing, baby!) and sometimes that means doing things that, out of context would look silly.

As Freeman is fond of pointing out, the women of (e.g.) Playboy are not fat, even if they’re on the larger side of normal compared to fashion models–because that’s what guys like. Same could be said for the various poses used. And while men are more visually oriented (the experts are fond of pointing out), women too have their own aesthetics as far as how men should be and act.

I’ve always thought of sex as a sort of closed circuit/feedback loop: While sex is a very simple thing, eroticism is entirely the agreement of the people involved–and that can be as elaborate as anything. Everyone has to feel comfortable expressing one way or another that notion of “Aren’t I sexy?” I mean, really: How good is sex going to be if the parties involved are diffident or concerned about looking cool?

I note, of course, that Freeman specifically mentions strangers, and Pogo said he’d never seen them–but not that he’d never done them. Heh.

Well, it’s an odd assortment of posts with the tag “blake says he knows that pose”, but I suppose it’s no worse than the chop-busting I get under the category of “blake says he knows her”. That one prompted me to write the massive list of famous people I’ve encountered–none of whom I know well, or who could pick me out of a lineup consisting of me and the corpse of Herve Villechaize–but I never posted it (and since then, I remembered a half-dozen more people I’d forgotten to put in there).

And, of course, it’s all a big distraction from the fact that Troop’s sex life is a far-ranging and storied one that would put Wilt Chamberlain (or at least John Holmes) to shame.

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