Everything You Need To Know About Socialism…and Communism

Everything you need to know about statist “solutions” is encapsulated in this one little story that won’t get much national coverage. Executive summary: Michelle Obama and David Axelrod ran a program for the University of Chicago hospital that shunted off poor patients to other hospitals, and sold this program by telling everyone how great it would be for both the patients and the hospitals.

It also tells you a bit about capitalism and the free markets. And that Michelle and David “don’t care about black people”.

What can we learn:

  • If the state provides a service, it will set the price for that service, and that price will be out of whack with the market.
  • The market itself will be out of whack because of the presence of the government. This will result either in skyrocketing prices or the death of the non-socialized areas of the market.
  • Success in a free market can require a broad strategy of lowering prices, cutting costs, raising quality, raising awareness, positioning, etc. Success in a socialized market requires giving the wives of politicians $317,000/year jobs.
  • Because a socialized market has all the same drives that power and sometimes corrupt the free market , a socialized market tends to have all the same flaws as a free market–unless you count “an embarrassment of riches” as a flaw (and some people do)–but with scant hope of correction, with such rare corrections being temporary and the result of political opportunism.
  • The state doesn’t care about the well being of citizens; it cares only about crushing its enemies, and is a million times more ruthless than a Gates or a Rockefeller. And the state can live for hundreds or thousands of years.
  • The state has no shame. It will say “there is no pork in this bill” or “this will help the poor” even as the opposite is apparent to anyone with the integrity to look.

A lot of people seem to back Democrats because “their hearts are in the right place”; this little trifle should be a reminder that no, no they aren’t.

Just as when the Republicans had power, they abused to enrich themselves at the cost of the rest of us, the Democrats have done the same. It is the nature of state power, and why the Founding Fathers put so many limitations on the state. “The Founding Fathers could never have imagined….” people often start out their plea for the expansion of state power. They then go on to say something that might or might not have been imagined by the Founders.

But guaranteed, they understood clearly the nature of the state to grasp, and having grasped, to clutch.

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