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One of my dearest friends appeared in the pages of Playboy (not a centerfold) and related to me how much work it was to look like that. Hours of day spent working out, and otherwise engaged in self-maintenance, so that she could do the shoot and grace a couple of pages. (I said, “Hey, what about airbrushing?” and she assured me that whatever went on, it didn’t reduce the need to be absolutely devoted to appearance.)

So, I thought this Wired article was interesting, showing the growing disparity between Playboy centerfolds and average women. Now, it’s not a huge surprise. Breast implants mean you can be thin as a rail–which looks good in fashionable clothing–and still large-busted–which looks good everywhere else, except Parent-Teacher Night.

The article points out that the numbers are probably not true, and that they reflect more what the editorial staff thinks looks good, and I would tend to agree. First of all, there’s not that huge a difference between 50 years ago and today from what I can tell. The other thing is that the current Playmates (my friend graced the pages 20 years ago) I’d guess do a lot more lean muscle building so, if anything, their BMIs should be going up. (And since it’s by weight, implants would also increase BMI.)

What does trouble me, though, is the divergence in the two scales. A two point BMI difference is no big deal, which is where the scale starts. An eight point divergence, on the other hand, says something is screwy.

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