Recently, I ripped all our Pixar movies for convenient home-viewing, so they’ve been on heavy rotation along with Horton Hears A Who and Kung-Fu Panda. (Also “Duckman” which, inexplicably, The Flower loves.)

I told HelenParr (a commentor at Althouse) that I would do a review of all the movies (especially The Incredibles) that might spur Althouse to actually get over her CGI-phobia and see one. What strikes me, almost 15 years out, is that they’re all classics. I bet this year will mark the 10th film in what has to be the longest streak in cinematic history.

A Bug’s Life is often considered the weakest, but it’s not really weak, it’s just aimed at a slightly younger audience. And it has three consecutive climactic scenes: the bird scene, the uprising and the rain. It’s one of The Barbarienne’s favorites, along with Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo. Also, Ratatouille. The Flower is growing out of the “watch the same thing over and over again” phase, so just as she’s starting to stop driving The Boy nuts by wanting to watch the new Scooby Doo movies over again, The Barbarienne is driving her nuts wanting to watch the same five movies over and over again.

Of course, all Pixar movies are pretty square, very earnest and not edgy, even when dark (like Finding Nemo). So can a hep cat like Althouse really dig them?

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