FEAR Net…could suck less

FEAR Net is a solely on-demand movie channel (at least here) that specializes in horror movies.

Since it’s free, the movies have commercials. I haven’t watched enough to know the pattern yet. I think the HD movies are commercial free (I imagine the cable companies are thirsty for HD stuff) but the SD movie we just watched had a commercial about 20 minutes into it. And that was that.

That’s not great, especially for a horror movie. Horror movies are hard to watch at home with others around, possibly trying to sleep, since they rely on the big dynamic volume changes. And you need a good atmosphere to build.

Worse though is, besides the bug in the lower right (which is bearable, if needlessly large), is that they put commercials during the movie in the lower band of the screen. Now, I sort of think this is inevitable for commercial television of any sort, since fast-forwarding and commercial removal tend to reduce the value of advertising being spearate from programming.

But it’s bad during a horror movie.

And none of us are really Navy material anyway. (Well, the Barbarienne swears like a sailor but I’m hoping she’ll grow out of it.)

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