Barbarian Cowboy Sex Novel

So, so far, I’ve gotten two suggestions: One for barbarian sex novel in the Gor vein (from Trooper York, who’s on fire with the Flintstones parody, and also–though he hasn’t posted it to his own blog–as a great take on Bullwinkle’s reaction to Sarah Palin’s nomination). 1jpb wants a Western.

So I’m considering doing both. If I do a traditional Western, that makes the Gore-style sex part problematic, if realism is a consideration. Though I wouldn’t rule out different world.

When I think Barbarian, I tend to think Sword & Sorcery, like Conan, or High Fantasy, like a D&D game. (I love Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, but those stories are a little more than S&S, if not quite High Fantasy.) Westerns are done at the same scale as S&S.

So, if we go six-guns and swords, do we throw in sorcery as well? Magic is always tricky to do well but one of the things about having a gaming background is that one gets quite good at developing systems of magic that are “fair”. Not fair to the characters, but fair to the reader.

Another option is a post-apocalyptic scenario (which, actually, doesn’t rule out magic).

Once I nail this down, I’ll start writing up some posts about the universe in which the story takes place. This won’t appear in the novel, and it won’t be necessary for understanding the novel. It’ll be like my Silmarillion. My main point in posting it will be to let my prospective readers (both of them, at this point) put in their feedback about what they’d like to see or just can’t stand.

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