Juice Plus…plus?

I just went to that modern version of a Tupperware party known as the “nutritional supplement information presentation”.

I know that sounds snarky but, hey, Tupperware is good stuff. My mom has stuff from 35 years ago that still works. These days they’re all MLMs.

So, you kind of have two strikes there: Nutritional supplements and MLM.

But it was hosted by my chiropractor. My chiropractor is probably the least…chiropractor-y chiropractor I’ve ever had. Often, chiropractors–the red-headed step-children of medicine–are into far-out stuff.

I’m not knocking far-out stuff. I’ve seen some far-out stuff work. (I’m also a big fan of placebos. I think they’re under-rated.)

Anyway, this stuff looks interesting and when one of the person singing its praises is a similarly staid cancer patient talking about how it alleviated 99% of her chemo- and radiation symptoms, well, I have to take notice.

The light research I did before the presentation was fairly good. I thought I’d see how it did with the brood.

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