Pet Peeve of the Milennium

Know what I hate?

Really, really hate?

You know how when you’re watching a TV show and then the commercial comes on at double the volume? I have that licked: I stopped watching TV with commercials, for the most part.

But in recent years, movies and TV shows are mixed so that dialogue is very, very quiet, while the transitional music is super loud. And special effects.

Don’t these dunderheads know that you want a much smaller range of audio dynamics for home viewing than in the theater–and frankly, it’s overdone in the theater, too. If the only way you can get a reaction out of the audience is to turn the volume to 11, maybe it’s time to pack it in, mm-kay?

I was just trying to watch Secret Diary of a Call Girl with the lovely Billie Piper (Rose from “Dr. Who”) and it was done in this muttering dialogue style with loud transitional music.

It’s TV, fellas, mix it down!

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