“So, what else is on your mind?

Besides 100 proof women,
90 proof whiskey
and 14 karat gold?“

"Amigo, you just wrote my epitaph.”

That’s Burt Lancaster responding to Lee Marvin in Richard Brooks’ The Professionals.

This movie came up on one of Trooper York’s “Best Westerns” threads, and it’s underrated on IMDB with a 7.3.

TCM is doing a “tough guys” thing tonight. Previous was Seven Samurai, next up is The Dirty Dozen.

Lee Marvin really wasn’t someone I thought much of growing up, probably because we seemed to forget how to make the sorts of movies he was good in. (Delta Force and The Dirty Dozen sequel, e.g.)

This is such a man’s man’s movie, that there are only two women and both are built like brick houses. Claudia Cardinale, of course, who smokes, smoulders and pouts so well, you almost don’t notice she has an awful heavy Italian accent for a Mexican girl, and Marie Gomez, who does a great job as the girl who never says no. She was nominated for a Golden Globe as “Most Promising Newcomer” but her career never took off.

I guess ‘cause of the glut of gorgeous large-breasted hispanic women in Hollywood in the ’60s and ’70s.

(The Boy thinks it was too slow. The action parts were great but too far in-between.)

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