Who is the tall dark stranger there?

Maverick is his name.

(h/t Ace of Spades.)

I’m not voting for McCain. McCain/Feingold cinched that for me, and it didn’t help that later McCain said he’d take corruption-free politics over the First Amendment (as if that weren’t paradoxical).

Also, the Reps need to be spanked hard. Spanked until all the old-school pork-eating, we-had-ten-years-to-reform-things-but-preferred-lining-our-pockets, let’s-do-something-about-nothing neurotic, psychoitic pig-headed politicians (apologies to John Lennon) fall are shook loose.

I’ve been hearing the various partisans on Althouse talk with complete certainty about which is bigger: The pissed off Dems or the the pissed off Reps, and I don’t know. Someone over there said it was liberating to not like either candidate. I suppose that’s true, but since I’ve yet to really like a serious Presidential candidate, I don’t find it all that free.

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