In Which I Defy The Unending Demands of Pointy Breasts

Seriously. Guys. It was just a lark. I was watching Touch of Evil one night and noticing that Janet Leigh could poke someone’s eye out. Now I’m #3 on Google for “pointy breasts”. And probably half the hits I get come from someone looking for pointy breasts.

Enough! Here:
That, of course, is the lovely Jane Russell, who was so well-endowed, her breasts were an actual barrier to Howard Hughes’ flawed Western The Outlaw being released. (Oh, the MPAA had some “technical” reasons. But I guarantee they wouldn’t have been as pronounced had Hughes used Lauren Bacall for the part.)

Large breasts really can’t be very pointy. Ms. Russell had a bra engineered for her to, heh, enhance her bustline for The Outlaw. Apparently they never used it. (Why gild the mammary, eh, what?)

This is SURE to stop me from getting pointy breast hits! I just know it!

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